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Carpet Cleaning Harpenden AL5
Virus & Bacteria
Carpet Cleaning
                                                       Simply, we offer 4 types of carpet cleaning:

                                                                              1.  Full Service
                                                                              2.  Perfect Care
                                                                              3.  Allergy Control
                                                                              4.  Perfect Care Maintenance Plan
The Full-Service Package; delivers premium and exhaustive cleaning of the complete carpet area. Even those difficult-to-get at areas under the furniture are tackled. We move all the furniture where possible, cleaning thoroughly under and behind, then replacing the furniture using protective foil tabs or Styrofoam blocks. “Designed for those who are concerned about slashing the level of pollutants circulating your home and effecting you and your families
health”. The Full-Service Package is the one to choose when you want your most thorough annual (spring!) clean.

This Full package also removes all Bacteria and Virus's AS STANDARD and is all part of the service. So your family (including babies) and pets can enjoy a clean sterile environment. For a list of what we remove click here

We are a business that is dedicated to delivering to our clients a home environment that is not only clean, but also healthy. The Perfect Care Package is designed for those who won’t compromise and want premium quality exhaustive cleaning. Each Perfect Care Package has been specifically tailored to provide the perfect combination of solutions, treatments and cleaning processes to specifically benefit the particular problem or concern highlighted.

You receive the same Full Service as above  - but also receive:

An application of Premium Stainguard (Stain Protector)                                       
Thorough premium level cleaning is again the norm; furniture is moved, cleaned & treated behind, and replaced. The entire carpet area is cleaned and protected.

The Allergy Control Programme™ is the same as the Perfect Care service, but instead of Stainguard we apply Promite Protector. This gives the same stain protection as Stainguard but has an added component to eliminate dust mites and keep them at bay for approx 18 months.

You receive the same Perfect Care as above  - but also receive:

An application of Dustmite eliminator.   

The Stainguard type product has an added ingredient that kills dustmites - this product is called PROmite™. This is great for Asthma sufferers as it relieves the suffering caused by them. You get 2 benefits in ONE product! 1). Stainguard  2). Dustmite eliminator.
Allergy Control

With the Perfect Care Plus Maintenance Programme™,  you get:

Our Full Service Cleaning Process, followed by our Stainguard or PROmite protector treatment all at HALF PRICE ! Yes! Half Price! Your first clean AND protection will actually cost you less than our regular Full Service!
(N.B This discount applies only to carpets and, or, furniture included in the programme).

Followed by,
One Full Cleaning and Protector Treatment every 12 months (we'll call you and arrange a convenient time to re- clean and re-protect all items in the programme).

FREE Lifetime supply of Professional Spotting Solution
We will leave with you a free bottle of the No 1 stain remover in our armoury - Stain OFF cleaner. (value £8.99). This is very effective for removing stubborn stains from both carpets and upholstery. PLUS when the bottle runs out we’ll rush round and top it back up for FREE

FREE Emergency Accidental Spill Removal Visits*
As we said, if you can't take care of a spill yourself then all you need to do is call us and we'll come out to you as soon as we can, and do our best to remove it for you. Emergency spot removal visits are free whilst you are a member of the Perfect Care Programme ™. Remember, not all accidental spills can be rectified and a such it is recommended that your household insurance is kept up to date.
* Does not cover general soiling (dirty areas caused by foot traffic etc), for accidents only i.e. one spill only. Up to 2 free callouts per year allowed.
The Perfect Care Maintenance Programme™ is an on-going system designed to keep your carpets and soft furnishings clean, healthy and looking good all year long, year after year.

You will actually save more money than you realise because you can expect your carpets and soft furnishings to last two to three times longer before you need to replace them. And best of all, they'll always look good. You get clean healthy carpets/upholstery all year which makes your home healthier!
Clean and Protect
for Carpets and/or Upholstey at
Half Price!
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We affectively eradicate them and we do this automatically on every clean, and you don't have to pay any extra!! PLUS we eliminate Dustmites through extensive heat (not obtained through other cheaper systems). Our unique system reaches 220 deg F & it's this heat that aids in the cleaning (even further), and removes the pesky little mites!

We carry out a TRIPLE process to clean your carpets properly!

Some companies will only carry out a single 'clean' using what we call a wand (a long steel tool to rinse and extract the carpet). Some even claim to 'double clean your carpets' which is just an application of a pre-spray (which isnt cleaning at all), then use the wand to rinse and extract. Dubious advertising? YES. At CleanPro we are honest and ethical. We first vacuum the carpet if necessary, then we apply a pre-spray, then we agitate the fibres with a separate machine, then we use a wand to rinse and extract the carpet (via the most powerful cleaning system known to the industry). Each of these stages is crucial - and if any of them are missed then you are simply being given lousy service! Why cleaning carpets correctly is like washing your hair! More


If you spill something on items cleaned by us - up to 7 days after, we will come out and clean it up for you, at no cost (one visit). 
One Of Our Amazing Leading Industry Cleaning Units!
Carpet cleaning in Harpenden (and all surrounding areas) is an important step in maintaining your home and keeping it 'healthy'. It's these carpets that act like a filter to your home, preventing particles becoming airborne. Unlike hard flooring which actually makes allergies worse! (despite the belief that they are better for you - conclusive evidence here & here).

There are also other hidden aspects to an uncleaned carpet, like bacteria, dust mites, pollution, cigarette chemicals etc.

So it's these filters that need to be kept clean to work correctly, aswell as keeping them looking great! which is why we recommend getting them professionally steam cleaned between every 6 months to 3 yrs (depending on usage).

We don't use small cheap electrical cleaning machines! Just ONE of our machines is a £15,000.00 'Mobile Cleaning Plant' system, so powerful it leaves carpets hardly wet (dries quickly), cleans at very high temperatures and leaves no sticky shampoo behind. We GUARANTEE to clean better than ANY other system - both WET or DRY methods (including foam)....or your money back! More info here.
Why Hard Flooring is Worse For Allergies! Must see here & more evidence here & here
You will receive a FREE bottle of, non re-soiling, non colour removing, professional spot & stain remover when you have a Perfect Care service!
What does TV's Anthea Turner say about the Perfect Care service? She asks industry expert Paul Pearce about old wives tales and more. Paul is the current President of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and Technical Director.
"Professional carpet cleaning service. I was very pleased with the result and would use Cleanpro again and recommend them to others. The work was completed efficiently and on time. There was no pressure put upon me to have more than I wanted done!"

Mrs Buckley
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