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Why is it that cleaning companies all charge completely different prices - for what seems the same thing?

A good question, but quite easily answered. Most companies use different cleaning machines, all varying in cost when purchased. It is this significant factor that STARTS the process of pricing. You see we use a Mobile Cleaning Plant - it's so powerful and heavy that it has to remain on the van. It not only contains the machine but the waste system and fresh water tanks, and it is all driven by petrol. It cost many many thousands of pounds and gives far superior cleaning results than any other machine available - a 100% industry fact.

However, if a company has bought a cleaning machine for just a few hundred pounds (small electric units) then their overheads are far less - which means they can charge less. The problem then is that the end cleaning result is nowhere near as good (another 100% FACT). This means the clean can't remove anything near enough soil, the carpets wonít be able to be rinsed properly because of them being underpowered, and lastly the drying will take much longer (a common problem - that we sometimes have to go and sort out for clients who have received so called 'cleaning' from this type of equipment, which now costs them more than the very cheap price they originally thought was a bargain). Mould is also likely - due to carpets being damp for days.

Also as part of the pricing equation are issues like proper training by governing bodies like the NCCA, proper insurance to cover you (basic insurance isnít  enough - see below), along with many other factors that decide a good professional clean - or a lousy clean.

With regards to our pricing, what we would say to people when they ask us about this is that we charge a normal rate. What you really should be asking is...why is it that some other companies/individuals charge so little? What's going on? Is there a catch? Is it possible that I am going to receive the same service? The same machinery, trained expertise and ethics? (see our home page for more info) Well the answer to that is: of course not. But I'm sure that being the sensible person that you are - you knew that already right?

So you see, like anything in life - you tend to get what you pay for. Why not download our free Consumer's Guide to Carpet Cleaning and learn the 7 Most Common Mistakes made when choosing a cleaning company.


What type of cleaning do you do?

We use various methods but in general we use Hot Water Extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning). There is no steam in the cleaning process but because the hot water extraction is a very high temperature, it does give off steam - which is where the term comes from. Hot water extraction is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and retailers and is the most thorough system available to the industry.

Why Cleaning Carpets & Upholstery Should Be Like Washing Your Hair!!
This sounds crazy but its true. When you wash your hair you go through stages, which are: 1) Applying shampoo, 2) Agitation (with your fingers) and 3) Rrinsing. Now you know that you cannot miss one of these stages - otherwise it won't clean properly - right? YES!. This process leaves your hair squeeky clean, light and fluffy (and dries quickly). With cleaning we do the exactly the same thing. Apply a pre spray cleaning agent, then agitate with a machine and THEN use the big machine to rinse the fibres. This leaves them squeeky clean, light and fluffy - and dries quickly! And because there is no 'shampoo' left it wont attract soil quickly. Some companies miss out the agitation stage because it takes time (even worse - some companies miss out the pre spray application too!!) and simply use the main machine to 'clean'. If only it worked like that. Not cleaned properly, still soiled and very damp is a common problem. By the way can you imagine washing your hair with just water? Because its still greasy, it would take much longer to dry simply because its not light and fluffy (only obtained by cleaning correctly). Test this yourself when next 'washing' your hair!

How long does it take to dry?

How long is a piece of string! Unfortunately there can never be a 'set' time as there are many factors involved. Room temperature, humidity, outside temperature, pile thickness, pile construction and cleaning intensity, are all factors in drying. For carpets we would say between 1 - 5 hours and for upholstery we would have some of it dry before we leave.

Are the products you use safe?

Extremely so. Not only are our products safe but are absolutely fine for babies, pets, allergy sufferers and wool fibres. We also leave no dirt attracting residues behind (like cheap cleaning attempts/DIY type machinery), and all fibres are left ph neutral.

There's an old saying that having your carpets/upholstery cleaned will knock the stuffing out of them - is this true?

This is completely untrue. What does happen is that heavy soil can disguise wear and damage issues quite nicely, hiding colour loss and fibre damage. Once cleaning has been done this will highlight these already affected areas. Another common problem is waxy soils 'sealing in' and flattening down worn fibres on upholstery, especially on arms and hiding loose/worn fibres. Again, when this greasy waxy soil is removed, fresh clean fibres can protrude which is quite normal, as the damage is already present - just highlighted.

Sometimes a lot of greasy soil can actually be the only thing holding the fabric together! - especially on older fabric. Once this greasy, soil is removed the fabric can then appear to be weaker - but this is no fault of the cleaning process, it's already in this state!

Will my carpets/upholstery get dirtier quicker after having them cleaned? - I've heard this is also true.

This is untrue - usually mentioned by ill educated carpet fitters, and as a result of un-professional cleaning attempts. What we mean is, unfortunately there are cheap unethical individuals about and they invariably use cheap shampoo based systems - just like you get at the hire shops (if you do it yourself  you get the same problem). Because there is no rinsing of the fibres, the shampoo is left in the fabric/fibres and this attracts dirt very quickly. We thoroughly rinse the fibres with no residues remaining - so that they stay cleaner for longer.

Will I have to move any furniture?

Ideally we would want an empty room, but this isn't always possible so it's all about common sense and Health & Safety. We will gladly move any large items so long as its safe to do so. If any units are required to be moved we only ask that they are emptied first, i.e. drawers from chests, clothes from light wardrobes, everything from sideboards etc. Unfortunately if they are not emptied we won't be able to move them - this is for 2 reasons. Firstly, we may injure ourselves and secondly units are not designed to be moved when full. Damage can easily occur if any attempts are made when they are full. Don't forget, if any items are wooden, we will have to place the items on polystyrene blocks so that they don't bleed wood dye back onto the carpet, so sometimes it makes sense to go round such items. We also ask that you remove all small items i.e. lamps, coffee tables, cd racks, plants, etc from the cleaning area.

Will you be careful in my home?

Yes. It is out top priority to ensure that we do not cause any damage or make anything dirty. We use various mats to protect your flooring and sheets are put under furniture before they are cleaned. We also use indoor slippers when working and only put shoes on when leaving the property.

What do I need to do after the clean?

For carpets, don't wear any coloured socks or any black soled shoes/slippers whilst the carpet is still drying - it may transfer onto it. Also leave any foil strips/polystyrene blocks in place for a few days, or simply offset the furniture after the main areas have dried. If any of these are removed from under items too soon then staining from wood or metal studs/frames may occur. In winter open windows and put your heating on to speed up drying, don't be tempted to close windows otherwise it will take longer. For upholstery it's wise to leave any items that are not quite dry in an upright position to allow air flow over the whole item.

Are you fully insured - not just for my home, but also items you are working on?

Of course we are. Some companies only have basic liability insurance which won't cover you for items being cleaned on. We have 'treatments risk' - aswell as Liability Insurance, which means that if for some reason we cause any damage on an item we are cleaning (we never have) - you will be covered automatically for these too.

You say you are professional - but how do I know your not going to give a lousy service?

We very much are professional. We have invested heavily in the most expensive machinery and training ensuring you get the best - unlike other companies who say the same thing. You see, like a lot of lesser companies including 'General Cleaning companies, Window Cleaners, Property Maintenance companies and Gardening/Odd Job companies - OR COMPANIES THAT DO ALL OF THESE SERVICES, they only buy cheap machines because it is not their main 'job'. You see, being a jack of all trades just cannot deliver the same quality clean as a specialist cleaning company - like CleanPro. It just doesn't happen in this world. Remember, 'carpet Cleaning' isn't the same everywhere (it's impossible) because you are buying a service - not an item. We are also governed by the NCCA to ensure we offer an ethical, honest & trustworthy service.

Are you professionally trained and are you part of any trade associations like Corgi (now gas safe) is with plumbers?

Yes indeed we are. We are members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). This ensures we use industry approved standards and ethically run our business. Please log on to their websites for more benefits and information on why it is so important for companies to be registered. Also LTT (leather Training & Technical) the UK's leading leather training specialists & TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) the industry's latest organisation set up to combat unethical companies/workmanship.

We are WOOLSAFE certified Service Providers - and 'Fibre Care Specialists'. This means we can take care of all things wool, in the proper and correct manner thus avoiding damage to what can be a delicate fibre. We have undertaken extensive training to become certified, so why risk your expensive wool carpets to someone who has no clue? More and More

Finally, we are Trading Standards Approved which means we offer an honest, ethical business with client satisfaction a top priority. We guarantee not to rip you off. The Buy With Confidence scheme is for trustworthy companies only, who are fully vetted & have proven customer satisfaction feedback More

I've heard from someone who said that wool carpets shouldn't be cleaned as it can strip the 'oils' out of them - is this true?

No. It never ceases to amaze us at CleanPro, what some so called experts claim to know. It's a fact that any natural oils in wool are almost 100% stripped through the cleaning and dyeing process of manufacturing - oils are only really still present whilst still on the sheep. This bad advice normally comes from carpet retailers, carpet fitters and even old wives tales. These people do not even know the cleaning industry, and so cannot possibly understand or comment. Sometimes things are said to either secure a sale (retailer) or by a fitter who wants to impress a client. The answer is simple - ask the experts.