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Better Cleaning Than ANY Other Company Or Your Money Back? ..........YES!

Read on...
What Does This Mean?

Well, its very simple!

We are so confident that we can offer a better clean than any other company - that we offer this guarantee. You know, there are so many companies (and individuals) out there now offering carpet cleaning claiming to be professional - that it really is a minefield out there - this is an industry fact. There is NO LAW to stop ANYONE buying a cheap machine and putting stickers on their vehicle saying 'professional'. Does it mean they are? OF COURSE NOT! But you don't know any different of course.

Unfortunately it is often seen as a way to make a quick buck with little outlay by questionable persons, or usually by domestic cleaning companies who offer it as an extra service. Now they might be great at dusting and polishing - but have they been trained?, use the correct solutions? use the truly best equipment? NO - it just doesn't happen I'm afraid.

Now we know this industry like the back of our hands, and we know of every type of cleaning system ever developed, and to give the best clean i.e. remove as much dirt and soil as possible - it simply requires the best (most powerful) possible equipment as a starting point to do so - another industry fact. Think about it - it's only logical right? - right!. So ignore this at your peril, watch out for any sales literature claiming that they give the best possible service!

Now we know that many many other companies/individuals have only invested a small amount of money and thus use cheap, small machinery, sometimes in the back of a car or small van, now thats fine if you want that type of cleaning i.e. mediocre to poor. But to give that ultimate clean with quick drying requires many thousands of pounds of investment in a genuine business to do this. This is where we come in.

We know we can subsequently give a much better clean - because we have invested in our business to do so. To understand the differences in equipment please click here.

So What Are We Saying?

If you have had a medicore or poor clean from the many many companies/individuals operating in the area (they may even have posh websites giving the impression that they are great) and you feel that maybe it could have been better - GIVE US A CALL, we will come round and clean it again PROPERLY. If for some bizarre reason we cannot make it look any better - then we wont charge you a single penny!

Put Us To The Challenge!

We relish a challenge, and would urge you to get us round after ANY other company has visited you and so called 'cleaned' your carpets. What have you got to lose.......well nothing whatsoever!!

Kevin Loomes
NCCA, & former director of the CLEAN Association.